Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some thoughts.

Monica's checking out some youth bands that have submitted to be in the contest for the exhibit. It's pretty awesome, and these little fuckers are amazingly talented. There's always time to start for me! I could learn how to play something different!

10 jobs applied for today, by the way, in addition to recontacting my temp agencies telling them that I'm still alive and would in fact like some job at some point in time, even if it's something shitty that I complained about every day in my life back when I had an office job. When it really comes down to it however, it's what we do in this stupid country, soulless jobs until we die. I guess some people do it for their children; gives them something to live for. If I don't ever have children, what will I be doing it for?

Myself, obviously. I want tons of exploration throughout the world!

Fuck kids.

But these youth groups are awesome!

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