Thursday, April 30, 2009

Maybe It's Swine Flu?

Lately all of my XP experiences have been filled with viruses and horrible things that pop up every now and then. I don't know where they're coming from, but I'm beginning to have an idea, and I don't like it... but if it means the goodness of my computer, I think I need to think of the bigger picture here, rather than games that I have a slight inkling of playing. So, no more games, no more questionable content... and we'll see if that helps.

Of course, if it doesn't help, I'm totally looking for Bioshock 2. KIDDING.


TV's on in background, and just played one of those Kay Jewlery commercials where there's a woman who only feels validated when she has diamonds and there's a guy who only feels like he has a penis if he gets his girl diamonds. Ended with: "I've never felt more beautiful." Bonus points for including kids in it; total exploitation.

Oh! That reminds me of my dad's commercial in St. Louis. They included a kid in that too, presumably as dad's kid. Whenever he has a kid in a commercial it is always just a little weird to me. It's happened before, but honestly, you really can't use me to exploit things in that direction anymore; I doubt they want a 6 foot slightly overweight man to make people want to shelter and protect something. Well, maybe protect me from diabeties.


Speaking of Swine Flu, I think it's all sensationalist media. More people have died from the common cold this year than have died or even been infected by Swine Flu. So stop talking about it please.

Although, it is funny to say every time Monica coughs that she has Swine Flu.

Okay, time for a walk. Been way too lazypants lately.

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