Friday, May 1, 2009

Saturday in St Louis

This was the day to try and get everything else done; and honestly, we put way too much on our plate for the trip... especially the time after getting back from Memphis. Did you know that practically everything was closed that Sunday? Yeah, it was Easter, but still... what about all the secular people? Huh? What about us? Nevertheless, it was pretty fun anyway.

After our harrowing trip back to get the car, and coming back home before collapsing in a heap on the bed the night before, we slept pretty well, and pretty late into the morning. This day was the day of more museums, and looking back on it now really makes me wonder why we had such a hard time figuring out our schedule that day... we went to the Scott Joplin house, as well as the art and history museum... and for some reason we had to leave early.... for something. Oh well, I'm sure Monica will tell me and I'll edit this later.

Scott Joplin house was first.

This was the place where Joplin lived from 1903 to 1906 or something like that; some very small period of time. It would have been fun, but the tour guide was an idiot, and the museum itself was talking about how houses were back then, rather than who Joplin was and his accomplishments. Several times, I looked over to Monica to see a look of sadness and the words I am sooo sorry on her lips. It was pretty hilarious.

As said, we went to the art museum, saw some cool old stuff. "I have exhibit envy." said Monica several times throughout the presentations. It's a cool place, (favorite: mummies) with a neat outside garden that I had a really arty picture of me taken.. but I can't find it, so here's a pic of me in front of the history museum.

History museum was fun as always, and we skipped the world's fair exhibit this time, to see other ones, like the one from the start of St. Louis as a city, through the fire, before we had to go for some reason... it was cut short. I have no idea why now that I'm writing this. Isn't that weird? I remember having to leave early, but for what... no idea.

We also tried to go to Crown Candy that day... but the line was literally stretching around the block, so we didn't do that.

Later that evening we headed out to O'Fallon (OH THAT'S RIGHT, WE WERE LEAVING TO GO HERE!) to visit Nick and Melissa, and to go to Dave and Buster's for delicious dinner and fun playing of games. We were going to go to the City Museum that evening, to keep our Day of Museums going, but I think that our friends didn't know what it was, so were hesitant to come to the city and see what it was. (Their loss... it's one of the best places to go ever.)

Always good to see Nick and Miss, and playing and winning at Dave and Busters was incredible as well!

It's a grown up arcade. Also, we had a huge dessert that was delicious. We also had an annoying waiter. As before, we drove home and collapsed in bed.

Did I mention we were sleeping on an air mattress? yeah, that got annoying after a while.

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