Thursday, May 14, 2009

Coupla Days

Has it been a while? Yeah, it happens, and a lack of events in my life have been keeping me from really writing anything else. Wildcat's been going well, and aside from some line flubs tonight, (and most every other nights) things have been smooth. Well, I'm always great, but those OTHER actors, well.. we can't all be a Ben.

Rocked out an audition tonight; trotted out a new song "Change in Me" - it turned out to be pretty amazing, and it impressed the audition people enough to have them read me for the three shows they're doing later this year.

wow, had to rewrite a bunch of these sentences - syntax is off in my tired state.

Saw Star Trek, Wolverine. Both were entertaining movies, Star Trek amazed my face off with it's awesomeness. Seriously, it's a wonderful new twist on the series that comes from people who really want the franchise to succeed. Thought nothing could pull back after Enterprise. Man, I might go see it again, and I don't really see movies twice in theatres anymore.

Okay, a pee and a tooth brush (hopefully not at the same time) and a bedtime for me.

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