Sunday, May 3, 2009


I sit here with my lurve after an extremely long rehearsal, and I'm satisfied I'll sleep this evening, and that's a good thing, considering how stupidly unsleepy I've been for so long. All I've been doing this weekend is rehearsing, no movies, no video games, no nuthin. Especially none of the stuff that I've been planning to do, like watch Wolverine and Battle for Terra. (Both Reviewed Medocrely, but I want to see them still.)

In addition to rehearsal and my upcoming movies this week, I want to try and get back on the horse when it comes to exercise, and do my aerobics in addition to my normal shit of just getting out and walking; my weight loss is still happening, but it's happening at a slower pace than I'd want. Not that I'm getting weird about it! It's just that I need to get back on the ball. Shooting for 2 pounds a week, folks, lets keep that up.

Also on Tuesday I'm doing a very special internship that I hope will be as awesome as I think it is. Granted, I'm just going to be the sandwich guy thing, but this may be something I never forget. All thanks to monica.

And so to bed.

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