Friday, May 22, 2009

A day

One hour of pretty hard core exercise down, then a little bit of walking, then a nice healthy lunch. I am totally doing good today. I feel like I can do ANYTHING! Exercise really is the miracle drug. High on life. Sweet action.

Also, Legend of the Seeker is pretty good, if a little corny. But it's on the lines of Xena and Hercules, only a little darker... and I will accept this new direction this trusted fantasy guy is taking me. Even though Zedicus Zuul Zurander is a really stupid name. And wow, lightning on the sword? holy shit. This is getting weird.

Oh wow, in rambling stream of consciousness, google voice just sent me an email saying I have a new voicemail... and it's some dude talking about a laptop. Thought it was spam, but it turns out, it was an actual dude who called about a laptop and apparently this is the last number they had. This shit is pretty awesome.

Nothing much else to say. I hope to have a even more delicious dinner.

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Anonymous said...

amazing stuff thanx :)