Friday, May 29, 2009

A Crazy Update

The first week of rehearsals for Crazy, Just Like Me, has been pretty fantastic. The read through was a little disappointing in terms of length of the script (my god, was it really 2 hours just to read?!) but actually sitting down and plugging away with the blocking of the first act was AMAZINGLY successful. In two days of rehearsing, we blocked the entire first act, and even had a musical rehearsal (of which I didn't participate in, but can only assume went well).

This cast is great, and working out the kinks from the last production is as easy as pie, and even evolving the good shit from the last production is great. I started this process in the beginning not wanting to change much - I liked how it was done the last time - but since we're in a bigger space, I wanted to use the entire venue, and try to have as few scene changes as possible. (So far, in the entire first act, we're up to 2, I predict 2 more in the second act (tailor scene and wedding). That reminds me, we need to get a trellis or something so they can walk through.

Anyway, these actors are really cool, and are responding very positively to my direction, even when it's something completely new from what they've tried before, the important thing is to play around with new things, exploring what these characters are going through from different angles. In a show that all of them have done before, the challenge is to find something new... and if it doesn't work, fuck! I quit. Or we can change it. (I'm taking my advice as well, trying to bring something different to the table. Yes, I'm in the show too.)

The next week we really kick it into high gear, and I plan on being off book for at least one of my scenes. Everyone else has the same amount of discipline, if not more so, but I know how awful it is to memorize lines... so good luck to us all.

Also, Stormfield is up! It's FUCKING BRILLIANT! Please check it out!

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