Friday, May 8, 2009

Pokemon Saved My Life

Okay so I still haven't finished writing about my trip? Well, that'll just wait a few more days. Or just a day, because all my pictures are on my lovely laptop. So yeah.

The runs have been going well (not the diarrhea) and despite the fact I've been called 2 hours before the show actually starts, it's a good time. I guess we ARE still in rehearsal, so the 2 hours are useful for some people... but for those of us that are only in some scenes and NO dance numbers, it's a little bit of a long haul. Thank god for Pokemon, that's all I have to say. Also I'm bringing a book tonight. So much for that reading a play a week thing I meant to do this year. Oh yeah, remember that I was trying to do that? Didn't happen.

Mom's coming tonight, so that should be even more fun. Plus maybe some drinks afterwords. I love my mom. She's cool.

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