Monday, April 20, 2009

Beach Day

So grandma's in town, as readers will know. So we're doing things we normally don't do, which includes mom taking a day off work, and us all going to Pacifica for a day at the beach with the girls!

Joy was had, sea glass was found, and I actually didn't freeze when jumping in the water. It was an amazing day, which left me pooped (but like always I'm still awake for some reason) from exercise and watching the weird people that end up on the beach on a hot Monday. And boy was it fucking hot today.

The cool thing about being unemployed, aside from the not having to work and the government sends you more and more money, especially because the spiralling downward economy requires them to extend it longer, is that you get to spend an entire day on the beach if you want to, and you can see the different people that show up throughout the day. Afternoon was filled with moms and kids, more and more young couples came in the afternoon, and then after 3ish, TONS of kids appeared. Good idea. I'd be at the beach too.

Joan, Lauren, and Violet are great. Violet (who is 2) ran around naked almost the entire day. The last time I tried that, I was arrested, so there was a little double standard here, but it was a pretty good time anyway.

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