Thursday, April 16, 2009

STL Wednesday

Hooray! Some backstory on Breaking Bad!

Anyway, the Wednesday was filled with some fun in St. Louis. Mostly involving the Zoo and some wonderful times there; I love that goddamn Zoo. The main event were the hippos; they are truly the shining star of that place. The big cats are still my favorite when it comes down to it, for realz.

A Zoo Anecdote: While most Zoos don't have as active hippos as the St. Louis Zoo, they still have hippos, and in my opinion, most people see hippos either pretty stationary or pretty far away, so they may not get the full effect that comes with epic hippo watching in STL. During our visit to the hippo place, some white trashey people were watching the hippo, pretty close to us, yet standing pretty still, and they were saying things like, "That ain't real." "Naw, that's a fake hippo." This went on for about five minutes, while a bunch of actual smart people (us, and a few other St. Louisans) stifled our laughter, waiting for the moment they left. It was worth it. Plus, the hippo yawned and it drooled all over the place. Epic win.

For lunch, we went to Steak n' Shake, another Midwestern stapel that has little to no vegetarian options on the menu; sometimes it's really hard to be a vegetarian in that place, as traveling further south later in our journeys told us. Anywho, I enjoyed it, eating another burger on the Burger Journey, and we went home, only to rest, relax, and find our strength to visit Grandma Scheppner.

She's not a bad person, not anymore. She's mellowed out a lot, and Monica certainly wins Best Girlfriend for actually making me go; I totally would have skipped it had it been left to my discresion. But no, it was an okay visit, mostly because of the Monica Buffer that comes from family members actually being nicer to people OUTSIDE your family than people in it; I'll never understand that odd happenstance. Afterwards, we went on a quest to find Burger Bar.

One jaunt through East St Louis Later, realizing that YES we should have turned off the highway when it said Downtown, and not continued on it when it said Illinois, we found our way to Laclede's Landing, and Lumiere Place, a pretty fantastic casino on the waterfront there, and within, our dinner, continuing and fulfilling the Burger Journey. It's worth it though, and gotta give some props to my hometown, there's only two Burger Bars, one in Vegas, and one in St. Louis. Dunno how that happened, but good for you STL! Also, tons of casnios. Never realized how many of them popped up over the years.

The night is over, and we returned to our air matress full of turkey burgers, weird toppings, and delicious sweet potato fries. Our journey would continue early the next day, picking up our rental car and heading down to Memphis.

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