Monday, November 16, 2009

After writing this, I'm doing some organizing.

Today is a day of relaxing and staying warm. Even though it's quite warm outside, this lovely apartment I live in holds in the chill. It's quite refreshing, and gives me the excuse to sit in this chair with a blanket over my legs. Just practicing for when I'm 75 and in a nursing home on the moon.

Man, that would be awesome.

The Miser's going to be great. We have an excellent cast, which, like I said, was surprising, because it is pretty community theatre oriented (we have to do strike at the end of the run, for example)... but man, this cast is pretty nice. And it turns out I have a pretty awesome part; I always thought the other servant's role was the better one. I even have a little subplot! It's going to be cool. And I love having a fun part to do, in a really honored play. It's going to be great to have stuff on my resume that people know about. Not that it's going to really ever get me anything.

Speaking of not getting into some place, I have an audition at MTC coming up! I'm going to do an audition that *I* want to do, rather than something I think they want to see. Still having a hard time finding goat's blood though.

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