Sunday, November 1, 2009


Taking Monica's nephews trick or treating last night was one of the sleeper awesome things for this Halloween season. Seeing those two kids' faces light up with candied delight was awesome! Not that I ever really want kids, but it's neat to rent them out for a little while.

That came out WAY wrong.

We had been invited to 5 parties later in the evening, but we bailed on them all to have chocolate beer at Iron Springs. And salad. Yeah, I was surprised at the salad part too.

So what I forgot to say was that we participated in a giant Thriller dance last weekend, breaking the world record for the most people dancing Thriller simultaneously. And my costume that I built won a costume contest. And also we should rent those out, because many people are asking if we rented them.

It's been a pretty wonderful couple of weeks. Especially considering two minutes before firing up the old blogger I said no to a gig on New Year's Eve to spend close to home and just relax with the lurve.