Sunday, November 15, 2009


It's about four hours until I have my first rehearsal of The Miser. Now, this company is very community theatre oriented, and I certainly hope that this won't be a weird experience in the whole pantheon of shows that I've been doing lately. However, my very best friend is the director, so... when it comes down to it I'm sure everything will be pretty awesome. He's on the ball in many ways. And I don't mean on the ball in the sexual way.

Going to Target the other day, I found an excellent bowler hat and bought it for Monica, because I liked it. Because that's what we do for our loved ones; we find presents that we personally really love, and then get it for them, so we can play/use it ourselves. I love relationships. THEN, I found some gauntlet type gloves with the fingers cut out. So cool. Target is great. Capitalism is terrific.

The Hat

The Gloves. Yes; they're ladies' gloves.

I'm happy with my purchases.

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