Thursday, November 19, 2009

Three shows in three days is going to be my limit when it comes to watching and reviewing. It's an enlightening experience, and it certainly is fun to reread my writing from the past couple of days and seeing a marketable improvement; who knew that practice would actually work? *looks over at ukulele and guitar and piano and any other things that I've wanted to do for the past forever*

Also, it's been giving me an opportunity to wear some pretty cool outfits. Usually I'm in pajamas pretty much all day to save time in the evening where I don't need to need to wear pajamas. For example, today I'm wearing my vest and pocket watch. Rocking out that pocket watch.

Other stuff. I've been preparing for my audition on Monday for MTC. In contrast to most actors, I don't usually prepare enough, I don't think, so this time around there will be much more practicing of the monologues. At least a couple times a day, figuring out some other shit that I'd need to do, rather than just trotting it out like I usually do. Who knows, maybe it'll make a difference... positive thinking!

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