Friday, November 20, 2009

There Are A Lot of Electronics Next To Me

You know how you get that problem where you can't start writing and then you're just staring at a blank page and nothing's coming out? Yeah, writer's block? That's what it's called? Cool. Yeah, I have that shit. It'll go away once I start writing, but whenever I try and push through these stupid blocks, the writing always ends up being really shitty. Eh. Time to plough through it.

So in the meantime, maybe there's a little warmup course on blogger while watching Sunny, then maybe I can get through this review. It doesn't have to be that long after all, it's a one woman 70 minute show. Great show, to be honest. Sometimes the hardest thing is to write a review about a good show. Way to go theatre to actually make it hard for me to write something interesting!

It was a pretty awesome evening. She's an amazing performer. Very human. And... very absurd. Cool beans. What she does in a one woman show is better than most full fledged productions around the area. It certainly helps that she has TONS of experience, something like 20 years solo performance and writing experience. And boatloads of awards. Granted, awards don't mean anything around here, but in this case, it really does.

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