Friday, February 22, 2008

Valentine's Day Massacred (Waikiki to Chinatown and the Land of Cake and Cheese)

Woke up obscenely early, after falling asleep at 8:30. I was able to watch the sunrise, very very beautiful. Magic everyday.

We lolled around for a bit - I had scheduled an interview at 1:30, and another at UHM at 3:30, so the entire morning was still free as a bird. "Lets go to Chinatown," I said, almost on a whim; we had heard good things from websites and people, so we were excited as to what was in store.

One quick bus ride later, and on the stop after the $1 movie theatre, we were in Chinatown. Perhaps we had been spoiled by San Francisco's Chinatown, but it was a bit lackluster. Sure, there was cool markets of fresh fish just filling our eyes and noses, but that was the only difference. There was the same cheap crap that you would find anywhere - except here it was even less prolific than SF. I did find a great Aloha shirt, originally from Hilo Hatties, in just the design I love! I, however, thought that it would look better on my dad, so I only wore it a few times on the trip.

Aside from that, Chinatown was a little bit of a bust. Oddly enough, however, we walked a few blocks out of Chinatown to find a Ross. Easily the best Ross I've found, so I bought two pairs of cargo pants (that fit me! and were very comfortable!) that I will most certainly wear.

Bus back = uneventful. Lunch somewhere.. maybe at Ala Moana at the Thai place again. Mmm mm thai. No, that can't be right. WAIT! It is! We went there for lunch and walked around to kill some time before my interview - that mall has some great stores, and a very well stocked Game Stop.

Interview. Right. Louise is a wonderful woman, very much in the Aloha Spirit. The interview was the best I've ever had, and Monica certainly was a terrific wingman; helping me out and making me look good with stories from HSM and Hair. The conversation meandered many places throughout art and acting and stage management and administrative work - probably the best way for an interview to go is if you're having a blast with the person who is interviewing you. So. If I moved to Hawaii, I would have a job. I don't have any doubt about that. Hell, Monica might even have a temp thing too, it seemed she liked me that much.

After the interview was kinda weird. Monica started acting a little like a girl and we got into a fight about how it was Valentine's Day and I was going on interviews and school tours. I, starting to act a little like a boy, had no idea it meant that much to her; it means practically nothing to me, I do acts of affection almost every day, why would I need another special day just to tell her she's special? She already is special every day. Shit, we were even making fun of Valentine's Day ads.

I ended up not going to UHM for an interview, and decided to just check out the campus on Saturday. (I really just missed it, it wasn't because of a brat attack.) I mean, I see her point now, through further less awkwardly heated discussions, and the moral of the story is always communicate. Even if you yourself think it's stupid, if something means that much to you, then tell someone! Especially the person you care about. We could work something out. The interview could be on a different date. Anyway, that's what we figured out later. It's all good. We both just have to be more forthcoming, even if secretly we actually like Valentine's Day and are afraid to say it.

After all is said and done, we were grumpy for a bit, but then made up, because, you know, we actually are good people and kinda do like each other a lot. So we made up for it by doing what we do best, Shopping! Actually, just shopping for her. I didn't really feel the need to rock out a 15-20 dollar Aloha shirt purchase, but she did find a fucking awesome black dress with blue flowers.

So! We rested for a bit and then vowed to go out that evening to someplace fun, someplace romantic, someplace exciting! The Cheesecake Factory was apparently the winner for some reason. Delicious everything! Take home boxes! Fruity drinks! Two pieces of cheesecake! We were incredibly full, but it was a great evening, and a nice walk back to the hotel afterwards. Plus, we had some extra cheesecake left over, so that was teh awesomez.

Next up, the Polynesian Cultural Center! Or, Disneyland Lite.

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