Thursday, February 7, 2008

Just a day

Nothing really to report today. I've been doing a little searching for an external hard drive, especially if I'm going to be in the online video buying crowd now. I was drooling a bit at this but then realized that if after a year and a half I'm just now needing an external hard drive, I can probably settle for something more reasonable. Also, since I'm on a shopping spree, I've been checking out some fingerless gloves and messenger bags. But the bags are more of a fancy, I might actually get those gloves to warm my hands up at work. And can someone say deduction! WOOT!

Today's the last day of [edited for content]. Last time was kinda [edited for content] and [edited for content], but a little bit more [edited for content]. Needless to say, I'm ready for it to be [edited for content]. At least I get to leave work early.

Only 5 more days till Hawaii! I AM SO EXCITED. One more state to add to my list. It's going to be a blast! And I have the number for that interview tour theatre thingy position there that I applied for (and didn't get since I wasn't local) but, hell, it's an informational interview, and that's really a win win situation! No pressure at all!

And in those 5 days I have 5 auditions! I AM SO NERVOUS. I've revised my audition to have Edmund from King Lear and Tim's monologue, simply because people like to laugh, and the mentally challenged dude, while an awesome acting thing, isn't great for the idiots that cast a show; everyone wants to be entertained. However, if they ask for another monologue, I'll do Boy Who Ate The Moon.

And 55 more minutes until I can leave this wonderful place I spend most of my time now. I am so glad I'm doing something wonderful and benefiting the world around me by supporting people in building the tallest, most econonfriendly building in the world in the Vegas^10 place we all know and love, Dubai. What a fucking terrific place I work for.

There is a recycling bin, though, I see it over there. Whew.

Other news: I'm hongry.

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