Tuesday, February 5, 2008

No Music

I thought I heard music playing a second ago, but I guess there wasn't any. Or maybe it was just wishful thinking. I really need to get something to help me through my day, I guess.

Today's been really hectic so far. I'm double checking my auditions coming up this weekend (HOLY FUCK) and was wondering why USC hadn't sent me any confirmation on an audition timeslot. Oh right, it turns out I filled out (and paid for) the wrong application all together, and now, like a tool, have to go and do a walk in appointment (with another fee) this weekend. It's probably going to be Monday, to tell the truth. This is only a slight happiness as to not be in work, it would be that PLUS me waiting there all day for a walk in appointment because, in theory, they'll have more slots open, being a Monday.

In an hour I get off work (woohoo) to go to the UCSF program (boo) and pretend to be religious (meh). I'm happy I get off work, but I won't have much time for eats' I guess I'll have to figure something out.

I also was confused about some of my UHM application stuff not being submittted. But it turns out it had, and now is only waiting for my transcripts to arrive. I even talked to a nice Hawaiian (or work study student) at the school. Rock and roll.

See the difference? LA is weird and uninformative, Hawaii is nice and supportive. That's why it's only SEVEN MORE DAYS. WOOOYEAH.

http://www.sweet-juniper.com/ is pretty cool.

The only thing that's been keeping me really steady lately is the wonderful people in my life. Even when I am rejected and am crying and want to smash someone's face in, Monica's there to hold me and give me a piece of pie. And if I need a little help with music, she's there too! And if I need help with some food, well, we can find that somewhere else. And the new Dinner Club we've created... I'm beginning to have so much fun with those people.

All in all, I'm very stressed but very very happy. I'm glad I have wonderful people in my life.

Except for Drew, he's working on his album so I hate him.

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