Monday, February 25, 2008

Break in the Journal

Taking a quick break in my Hawaii journal to keep what's going on in my life now up to date - after all, this really is a journal, and hopefully someday I'll look back at these entries and smile, knowing that I actually did keep a journal, and all those blank notebooks underneath my bed aren't going to waste. Well, they are kind of going to waste, but maybe I can use them for paper mache or something. Is that how you spell mache? I'm too lazy to go to Even though when typing that, a link was created. I'm too lazy to even click. That's how much I love my life right now.

This weekend I had my callback to The Full Monty at Masquers Playhouse in Richmond. It is a beautiful area, and a beautiful theatre. There are some stupid things - no pay, and when they kept us at the callback for 5 hours, I was a little iffy on whether or not they actually respect their actors and their time committments. Anyway, I was called back for Dave, my favorite character in the show. I think I was the best one called back, but I do have my youth going against me, and the fact that I'm not SUPER fat like what is really called for in the role. Again, my middle of the road fatness is held against me. Sob sob.

Probably a good thing though - after thinking about it, I really don't want to work with a company that wastes time like that. Bah, but then again, I'm getting desperate, so I'd probably take it. But then again... something else they said struck me as strange, "I'm keeping the guys the latest, so thank you for your patience. The reason why we're keeping you late is so that after everyone has left, I want you to go up on stage and take as much clothes off as you feel comfortable with."

Okay. So. You know I'm not a prude. I worked as a nude model through college. Not ALL of college, but still, I'm comfortable with getting naked for people. But. This seemed like bordering on harassment. I mean, if I got the part, I most certainly would get naked. That's what the show's all about, that's what you do at the end of the show. The climax, if you will. But asking that seems a little too much at an already OBSENELY long callback process. I suppose that's just the community theatre of the area. All theatre around here stems from that.

Also, it doesn't pay, did I mention that?

Anyway, that was my Saturday. Oh! I did have breakfast (chocolate chip pancakes) at Bubba's Diner in San Anselmo with Monica. It was delishious, and I really want to go back there. Like, NOW.

Sunday I messed around the computer most of the day, recording my monologues and burning them to a DVD - just all around fooling around with the computer. I had to get in my Cal State LA stuff in like 10 days ago, I missed it... I think it was because of a little thing called Hawaii! They let me apply late, so I'm sending my stuff overnight today. Should be fun. I'm so densensitized to the rejection of schools now anyway, it doesn't really phase me anymore whether or not I get in. The real one I want right now is UHM. I've fallen in love with that place. So I'd be moderately more disappointed if I got a rejection letter from there, rather then the Indifference Shell that has sprouted around me.

More auditions coming up: One for Impact Theatre on Sunday I think... or was it Saturday? (this is why I have an iPhone, folks, calendar time.) And Carmel on Monday. Another day off work, booya! And by Day Off, I mean, cough cough, so sick, and vroom vroom, 3 hour drive. I hope I can con/ask politely someone to come with me on this trip - makes it a lot easier, especially when you don't have a radio in the car. Boo urns to that.

And I SUPPOSE I should take a look at those job things I posted here before, to send off my resume. Shit, it couldn't hurt, even if positions were already filled.

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