Monday, December 8, 2008

As Usual

I'm on my Day Of Auditioning, and having, for the most part, a great
time; I feel like a real working actor. ( I will do some minor
bitching about it also being the Day Of Sickness, but right now I'm
feeling better, sitting in a cafe with some delicious hot apple cider.
Woah, too hot!)

As usual, however, something always sticks in my amazingly sensual
craw... the theatre I auditioned in didn't have very solid walls, and
I heard the person before me, a guy not REALLY my rival, but we'd be
up for the same roles in certain circumstances. Anyway, he did a lot
of yelling in his piece, and I knew, KNEW, that he would be given
sides to study. I was right. And he commenced to studying the sides

After I blew them away - and I am confident that I did, I was given a
thank you, a "we'll be in touch" and a smile. I walked past the large
actor and his incredible ego, knowing for sure that he'll be cast.

But this pumpkin bread makes me smile.

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