Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Read an article earlier this week about quick workouts THAT ACTUALLY WORK! I'm not one for fads, but the exercises in here actually seem pretty interesting, and can be adapted for longer workouts THAT PROBABLY WORK BETTER! I did double the reps I would normally have done, for example, and realized my workout went about an hour, during most of the daily Bordain that I happen to watch in the mornings whilst unemployed. Because of my extra long workout, and reading an article about pushup technique, I am exceptionally sore, even in my gut, and I didn't do any crunches... my theory is that they tense up during my AWESOME PUSHUP WORK. Whatever works. It's a good sore.

Because my other reader (hi, jenny!) doesn't read about auditions, I'll keep this short: just got a rejection email this morning from Fountain of Youth: "While you're audition made an impresson on us, we decided to go in a different direction." What they really mean, however, is when they ask for "all shapes and sizes" they really mean "one shape and size." Story of my life, but hey, that's why I'm exercising, for good health and to look even more exceptionally sexier than I already do.

Mon has made a TV watcher out of me, and this holiday season reminds me why I don't make a habit of watching TV; the commercials are so consumer happy, and my continuing and increased belief in socialism has made them even more vile to my taste. And those cheesy diamond ones? I long for a time when I can kill 4000 people so I can bring a not so precious rock to the country and give it to someone who I'll have a statistically 50% chance of not being with in 7 years. FanTAStic. In any case, we did watch some Heroes last night, and it was fun, even if Mon decided to go to bed in the middle. Come on! Don't want to watch what Sylar has to say?

Daphne was here this weekend - Mon's college roomate/bff. She was a great houseguest, and an awesome, intelligent, cool person, and I dig cool people like that. Let's hope she comes back soon... or we can go to Phoenix. Yeah...