Friday, December 12, 2008

My New Plan by Ben Knoll

Starting next week, I will also be starting the rest of my life. The Rest of My Life includes:
  • Applying for grad schools. I need to start my research again.
  • Uh, I guess apply for a voice over class. I still have the money saved for that.
Why have I been putting these off, you may ask? I don't know; I've been pretty consistently in shows for a while (hurray!) and focusing on my job hunt (uh, boo) and after Ben Franklin is over, it will be the first break from a show I've had in... wow... 6 months? 9 months? It's been a long time. And now with the break in sight, I'll focus on my further future, rather than just the short future (which includes more shows! woohoo!).

Also: I have a bump on my nose. I think its a weird form of skin weirdness. If it breaks off (which it does sometimes), it bleeds, and it also hurts. Then it grows back. It is a weird skin thing, for sure.

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