Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Delve deep into my world...

Here's something about Ben's life:

For the past... oh year or so, the internet at my house blips on and off, even with lights on the modem. I've had hours of discussions with Earthlink about this, my mom has had hours of discussions with Earthlink about this, and I bet even the cat has had a few minutes. They're in India, so that's cool, and I understand all about not really knowing tech so they have to go by the book at the problems on our end, but our problem is a special problem, it turns out. But that's later in the story.

Finally, they've agreed to send a tech guy out to check out the internet here, saying it will "be fixed permanently." Mom and I both doubted that, but in any case, we said sure, why not, and was told that we would have to be here between 12 - 4 today.

11:55 rolls around (rock on!) and the guy comes, a slightly gruff sort of chap with a dark beard and a receeding hairline. He was nice enough, and was early, which was even awesomer. He told me all about what he was going to do re: the internet, and I followed him for the most part. After 15 minutes, he came downstairs (I was wrapping presents at the time) and gave me the scoop: it's more than just our house, he's had a problem, and has tracked it down to the load coils outside, which is good! He can't touch them (they're another businesses' property), which is bad! The best, he said, that he can do is tell them about it, but since its so close to the holidays, no one's really going to get out in the usual 3-4 days they'd take to fix the problem.

Beauracracy at its finest, I know, but I'm just happy we have a solution on the horizion.

By the way, did I mention that we chatted about this over eggnog? Oh yeah, I'm totally hospitable this holiday season.

More fun Ben stuff:

The tub at M and I's house was clogged big time. It was my fault, I poured sponge cake batter down it, and it turned into a sponge. Not really, it was sand. Anyway, Bob (m's dad) came over and we totally rocked out that shit, successfully unclogging the tub, and pushing all the sand out, or wherever. But everything drains! It made me feel very masculine.

Aaand I totally forgot a present that I was supposed to bring this evening. Luckily, I have plenty o' time to get it.

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