Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More of Nothing

Nothing to post! I love posting, but there's been nothing new. I have an audition tomorrow, monday, and a little bit from now for shotgun. That's new, that's fun. Perhaps I'll be singing tomorrow. Well, it's a definite that I'll be singing, since there's a show tomorrow night; a show that's been going amazingly well. It really came into its own from the rehearsals... with a combination of input from a really good cast and a terrific director. I've been lucky with some really good directors lately.

I think I'm going to capitalize Nothing from now on, in my life. At least, until Something happens, Anything, really. Change is coming, I know that, but for right now, I might need to affect my own change - colleges come to mind at this point in time. A new tactic. After my show closes, I'm going to double my efforts of school searching, and its going to work. Maybe 2009 will be my year...

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