Friday, December 12, 2008

My Rant

So yes I've been reading the Twilight series, and no, I'm not a teen or pre-teen girl. There's a lot of good in these novels, to be sure, and they definitely keep me hooked and wanting to read the next chapter when it comes to the lore of the world. It's a good story, and there's a reason why it's been so popular. However...

This whole world of Bella not being able to live without Edward and Edward going through so much angst about not living with Bella is bullshit. People breakup, and they deal with it, they don't become zombies for months at a time, and even if they do, they eventually get better! Gasp! I know, Stephanie, that you've made a fortune out of these books, but you need to take your little mormon head out of your mormon ass and realize that real people don't behave like this. And fuck, vampires don't behave like this either, if you're painting them as complex people in every other sense, with complex emotions.

Additionally, it's painting a stupid picture for young women. Bella, at the beginning of the series, is a strong, independent and smart young woman, ready for everything, can do everything, even survive a new high school (although why she'd move... whatever) and live successfully with a steriotypical dad who can't cook and a steriotypical all caring, but can't do anything mom. But why oh why does she lose all this independence when she meets her boyfriend? Yes, it happens, you don't see your friends as often, whatever, but now everything in her life is focused on this man. This man who, incidentally, makes all her decisions for her, and she just smiles and goes along with it. Jesus.

Why is this popular? It makes me sick. Whatever happened to strong women? I guess we don't need them when we have strong men around.


Miss Grace said...

Really? Because my problems are these:
1. No sex.
2. No sex.
3. No sex.
4. They make it sound really unappealing to have sex with Edward, what with the repetitious descriptions of his body as FROZEN GRANITE.
5. They make Jacob Black sound decidedly appealing, with his (literal) hotness, and his sense of humor, and his lack of angst.
6. No sex.

The whole thing is just a great big tease, in my humble opinion, although for full disclosure, I've only read the first two books.

Ben said...

And yeah, I also thought that it was weird that vampires really are UNSTOPPABLE. There is no weakness! I mean, come on! At least we used to be able to go out in the sun and get them that way.