Monday, December 1, 2008

An Attempt

In an attempt to upgrade my iPhone to the latest software, I've had to unplug it three times; "Backing up iPhone" has taken an hour or more in some cases. I've never had this problem before, but, as always, it might have something to do with the jailbreak. However, people aren't causing a hullabaloo in the online world about how jailbreaking fucks everything up... I'm just going to let it do its thing and see what happens, and if it's impossible, then I'll simply restore it without backing it up; I can shove all my crap on there again... it's not like I dont' have all the fucking time in the world.

Been looking into plane tickets to go home for the holidays. I miss my family, I miss snow, I miss cold weather. Isn't that weird? I think that once I do go home for the holidays, that'll be my cold weather fix, and I won't have to miss it for a long time afterwards.

Also, what's up with not being able to listen to music while the phone is upgrading? It's the 21st century! Come on!

Alright, back to applying.

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