Thursday, December 11, 2008

Port of Amsterdam

I could use one of those PsiCards the Doctor has. It'd be nice to be able to show anyone anything they wanted to see. How fun.

I'm having even more of a blast working at moon; I knew it would be a good idea. Even better though, I sent some information to a new production coming up next year, and they had come to see moon last night, and liked my performance, calling me in! I don't quite know if it's a callback or an audition... could be a little bit of both, or all, or whatever. Any way, it's more exposure, and a possible show, with some new friends. If Ben Franklin has done anything to me, it's refueled my belief that making friends doing shows will bring friends for life; I am very happy with this cast, and it proves my point.

Been working a lot on applying for jobs, no shit, and for some reason keep forgetting to bring myself a snack or a lunch. Budgeting myself some time, I believe if I went a little bit early to the show, giving myself an extra 20 minutes or so, I can stop by Panda and relive my days of eating Panda all the time. Why is it that Panda is the tastiest? It simply is. Perhaps its the most bang for your buck.

Noticed lately that my entries are less and less thoughtful. I suppose that's my life right about now; I'm not much of a thinker on who or where or what's going on, other than simply trying to fix my life right now.

That being said, if perhaps the companies didn't have to buy health insurance for their employees and instead the government took care of that (as they should, and many other things), then the companies could worry more about what they do best, then maybe these companies would be doing slightly better. And perhaps then people who wanted to be certain places would stay there, and people who didn't want to be in certain jobs would have the opportunity to leave, since they weren't held there against their will because they're afraid of not having enough money in an emergency or a fucking birth. The most natural of all the things we have happen in our life.

Conversely, in France, England, or Cuba, (and practically every other civilized country out there) has medicine for everyone. Sounds like its time to move to Amsterdam.

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