Thursday, December 4, 2008


I'm tired of botching my career. If this were a good world, they'd see
I just misread and didn't bring two songs, simply because I was
focusing on one, and they'd realize I'm a hard worker, blah blah.

Or maybe they did, since I got a callback. I think I just had an
epiphany; my reputation now helps me, even when I fuck up an audition.
(I know I didn't really fuck it up, I just sort of messed up my second
song. And then did what you should never do, make an excuse. Whatever,
what's done is done, and it doesn't really matter considering I *did*
get a callback. Was this all one paranthetical citation? Oops.)

So my botch wasn't that bad, for sure, and I'm not dwelling on it as I
would have in the past; maybe I am getting better.

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