Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Goddamn it Chief

Decided against Lucky's piece from Waiting for Godot; too long, and I'd have to cut it... I don't really want to cut something like that. It's way too weird and disjointed as is. Besides, I think theatres around here don't want to see a what the fuck monologue like that, especially because I have about 10 monologues that I could use that have a little more... you know... coherent. Woot. Why learn something new when I can bring out something old and that I've used millions of times already?

More job searching today, more BSG action too. What an incredible piece of art.

I did take a shower today, and cleaned a bunch of the apartment. It's satisfying to do some work with your hands, as well as getting clean. It's been a while; why do I wait so long before I clean myself? Simple laziness, I would say. Why take 20 minutes out of my day to clean myself? Now, a pattern emerges: work out, get stinky and sweaty so even I can't deal with myself, shower! Done.

Monica and I are also doing better; we were having some troubles, but I'm happy to be with her and see her. Even watching the live action The Grinch was a joy when you're with the person you love.

And goddamn it Chief, find the fucking Eye of Jupiter already.

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