Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Cross posted and emailed

Bleh, I'll be glad when this week's over, I'm feeling all shitty again. Maybe I'm allergic to something here.

Lots of people here think they're incredibly funny by saying, "Ben, are you still sick?" and then jumping backwards as if I would drool or pee or bleed on them to infect them with my plague. They truly are the masters of comedy. I can't believe I didn't see it long ago how wonderful these people would be in a hilarious sitcom about the office. Maybe I should pitch that, and someone from the daily show could star. It would be a great show.

Like sometimes Russ likes to throw mints at people! Wow! How funny and off the cuff!

And sometimes John Wong can't be understood! It's because he has english as a second language. Hilarious!

And someone just came here and covered their mouth as if I was dying! So funny!

2 hours gone, 7 more to go. I'm counting lunch because I have to stay around this area. I sure as fuck hope mom can pick me up. Then again, I really hope she picks me up and all the news is good.

Cookies will be eaten soon. Oh so very soon. Like, now.

munch munch

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