Wednesday, December 26, 2007

St. Louis

Back in the homeland, and I am a lot warmer than I thought I would be. Seeing my dad and stepmom, I was certainly more teary and sentimental than I thought I would be, but then again, I haven't been home for Christmas in a while, and I haven't truly seen what they have done to the house; everything's different, wonderful, and the same all at the same time. It's quite a weird feeling.

It's weird to see my old streets with new buildings. There are houses that are gone, some that are different, and some new (very ugly) ones. Maybe the economy around here is getting better? It certainly seems that way, at least for Dad and Laurie. The only constant is change.

We drove around last night after the airport looking for some food. Dad wanted to take me somewhere that was very St. Louis, so I suggested Steak and Shake. We all agreed and we proceeded to pass 3 of them, all closed for Christmas Day. The 'Open 24 Hours' sign must just mean not all in a row. Needless to say, we just came home and had some pasta, and then had Christmas. After a cookie or two.

Due to airline policy (or rumor, I can't remember which), I didn't wrap my presents, so I took pieces of paper towel and put them around the most telltale signs, and then bravely said "I wonder what it could be!" with a picture of Calvin and Hobbes sticking out the top. It was fun fun. They loved the martini mix that I gave them, moreso than I thought they would - we had martinis as soon as it was opened. I love chocolate martinis now. I love martinis. And shaking them. Yum.

I recieved some money and an action figure and the new DVD of Casablanca. All terrific gifts! The big gift, however was an iPhone. Yes, you heard me. I am incredibly excited and not quite sure what to do with it. It is a lot smaller than I thought it would be.. and I can't really play with it until I set it up... but I did press some buttons and almost accidentally make an emergency call. Hot shit! That would be funny if the first thing I did was bring the fire department to the house. Today we're going to the mall and being consumers as well as going to have a one on one session with the Apple Store people so I can ask a few questions. I don't want them to give me too many tricks, I feel like I want to learn this stuff myself. The discovery is more fun!

Then later tonight my grandma Knoll is coming to visit and we're having a birthday dinner for my dad. Then tomorrow I think I'm visiting my grandma Scheppner. Sometime I need to cram in a visit with Nick and Ashley and maybe Beth, she just emailed me. Now I'm thinking 4 days is a little short to see all my loved ones. Good thing I'm coming back in April. St. Louis is beautiful in April.

Other news... I've been writing more and more of my review of Sweeney Todd. It's strange, I'm gushing so much about it, I have to go back and edit all the fanboy stuff, if I ever want to use the article as a sample of work. I suppose a true passion for the theatre is good to see though.

Oop, family home, gotta go!

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Katie said...

You dick. I understand that you are in the greater st. louis area for a very short time but had I known and had you had bit of time to spare, we might have enjoyed coffee and each others' company. I might have even enjoyed a scone or a roll of some kind! Good thing Xmas is over or this information would have ruined Xmas. Yeah.

But apart from the rage and the sorrow I feel, I find room for hope; hope that you had a lovely time with your familia and hope that should you visit again, you call a certain pal two hours to the south who would like very much to see you live and in person. Hurrah!