Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I have not been taken over by a pen pal.. (Also Jean)

I just found this button up here, and am now प्लायिंग विथ आईटी. (Playing with it.) I have no idea the use of having hindi characters appear on my blog, but damn don't they look good? I hope to get into an awkward situation where I type something like... इ लिके पंदास. But instead of "I like pandas" it means some really raunchy come on and I have to talk my way out of a marriage proposal across the globe. Again.


I gave Jean her delicious XMas present. She loved it! She's so very English, so all the old English candies made her happy.

Jean is one of my very best friends here; she is always in a good mood and she makes the bland days go by much more quickly with her quirks and simple spectacularness. I am not even sure how we met when I first came here, but we became fast friends... maybe because like most folks here, she saw someone who was competent at the front office. Or maybe she just liked me for me, I know I like Jean for Jean. Anyway.

She's leaving January 17th, and probably moving to Oregon. So not only will she be gone from SWA, she won't be readily available for me to bug her with an email and a dinner offer. I say awesome for her (she's retiring, really - and I think that's great!), but every time I think about it I get a little teary. She's really the one person I've become incredibly good friends with around here - she will be truly missed.

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