Wednesday, December 19, 2007


is awesome.

1000 grains so far. If I do it all day, I will a) help save the world and b) help save my sanity.

Win win.


I have to go to Cost Plus tonight to get some presents for my fellow Front Office people. They're too good to get them some silly Hello Kitty dolls from Target, I now realize. I gotta say, it's an incredible thing to know that the people I work with are supportive, nice, and not (too) weird. Honestly, I think it's more chill than before up here.

Oh, on work related note. Something I should record for posterity: Michaele introduced me as "Ted" to her husband at the Christmas Party on Friday. I'm not sure how to take it.


Worked on my monologues last night with my mom. She should be a teacher, her suggestions were amazing and had an immediate effect on my performance. It's also a wonderful thing when you bring out a monologue that you haven't done in a while, dust it off slightly and plug it in, realizing that it actually still works. And it works better than you thought. Better than the last time you turned it on.

That's one of the joys about theatre - everything gets better as it ages.

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