Friday, December 14, 2007

I've Done It

This is me figuring out how to post in the same blog on my other email address. It took me this long, refusing the help section of, accepting the help of blogger, and now I'm actually doing it on another address so I don't have to switch back and forth. I can do it on my whimsy. Whimsy.

Oh Lady! Lady!! was quite fun! (I'll have a review up shortly.) I'm impressed with Michael, he's really improved since the yelling into a microphone days of Hair. Ah, those were some fun times. I also freaked out a bit because after the show someone said how much they liked my audition for Out of this World, but then couldn't remember my name. I think I read too much into it. Then again, if they wanted me, they probably would have called me by now.

Then I ruined the evening by being an asshole on the ride home by feeling way too sorry for myself. Then I started fighting! It was awesome. Wait, wait, what's the opposite of awesome? Ah right, horribly depressing. It was horribly depressing.

(We simply have different notions of theatre. Monica had some excellent advice about pooling all my resources and seeing inspiration where I can find it, and I had my own advice about how I'm excellent without any help and can do everything by myself. I saw her point, and will mostly use the advice... I still don't think I need to ask everyone for help.)

And now, a frog:

[Edit: Monica says, "You didn't ruin last night, and I'm still not quite sure that was a fight;
a tiff perhaps, or perhaps even a roe, but certainly not a fight." So there you have it.]

[Edit: A roe is a collection of fish eggs. A row is a quarrel. I like that word. Quarrel. And row, but quarrel is cool.]

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