Wednesday, December 5, 2007

New Goal/Obsession

I guess I don't need to compensate.

It appeals to me. I want to take a cross country trip with it. I want to do things to it that no man should say. Well, maybe I'm not that obsessed. When I get a new car, that will be the one. I might even be able to buy it outright, to truly start my life on a good note, student loans aside.

Hm, I guess if I live in New York, I really shouldn't get it. Here's to hoping I get into ACT or UCSD or UNLV then.

Long day. I can't believe it's not even 3.30 yet. I've even been dorkishly trying to will the clock to go faster, hoping that I will be an American version of Hiro. Come on super powers! Hell, I'd just be happy for the power to skip boring stretches of my life and go to the good stuff. What would that make me? The TiVonator I suppose.

Hm, now the front office has just become the place to be to chat about shit, and I need to constantly minimize the window. Hasn't anyone ever heard of letting someone blog when they're not supposed to? I mean, please. Come on. Seriously.

And now someone is creepily staring at me. Gotta go.

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