Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Prolific Posting

I just finished reading all the archives of Neil Gaiman's Journal. He's an inspiring man. Here's what I wrote to him when I finished:


I've finished reading your entire blog archive. No no, you don't need to send me gifts and congratulatory rice pudding. Your words and stories and unique views are presents enough. I just wanted to say that you (and your sometime contributors) have created a joyful phenomenon. It has given me great pleasure to be included in your life via this outlet. I look forward to the years of stories and journal to come.

Thank you (and Lorraine and Holly and Maddy and Elf (retired) and Goblin (forgive me if I miss a few)) for being such an amazingly wonderful and influencial force in my, and obviously so many others, lives.

Continue making wonderful art!

So. Er, how's the book going?


Of course, my shameless plug here (my reviews of shows):
and here (my slightly more ranty journal):

Feel free to check or ignore or post.

Not bad. I hope he reads it and enjoys it. He really is an amazing author.


This morning, I have decided, is my last morning of the week where I fuck around on the internet. We're moving the front office around, and this afternoon is the start of the Official Moving Shit Week. So, woohoo?

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