Monday, December 10, 2007

Spy Work

Typing this at work is always a challenge, especially later in the day when people start randomly walking around my desk. I guess it truly is a hotbed of information. Either that, or their charmed by my asshole wittiness. But as of now, I have minimized this window twice to make sure I am not spied upon whilst blogging. It's frowned upon, you know.

So Crazy, Just Like Me is over. I truly thought it would be a bad show. The last week of tech was grueling, and people were getting sick constantly (myself included); negative energy abounded. And then I was completely blown over by the production. Everyone came together, and the cliche in this case was true, we brought it all together in the end, and the show was an amazing success! I actually was sad that it was over. Believe me, that's very rare for me. Drew is a fantastic songwriter and has a truly great talent that he has put to good use. I am supremely lucky to call him a friend. I am also very lucky to have made some new friends, and to get to know some of my old ones a little bit better. This has been an amazing experience.

(3 times minimized)

Tonight is my audition for
42nd Street Moon. I have been (imaginary) blacklisted from them for about a year now - I'm happy to have the audition, but don't know how it will go. My true hope is to see Kaylon and hope that he's the one casting Coco and Out of this World (both, incidentally, sound like fucking fantastic shows). I will be singing "Comedy Tonight" and "Married," even though neither of the songs really fits my age range, they are from the Golden Age of Broadway, and that's what they need there. Hurray?

I, of course, have been stressing out about the audition pretty much all day. I have been practicing the intro for "Married," and have somehow tricked myself into not being able to find the right note. I know the note, that's not the point. I know it will also go well today, it's just that I can't get it now. (But Ben, you've done it before, you performed the part back in college. Yeah, well, I'm nervous. You don't get nervous?) I'm sure it will be fantastic. I'm sure of it. I could use some more support though... ahh well, at least it will be over quickly. They did cast me before, after all.

(6 times minimized. Oh how I wish I could just write and not be scared.)

Officially Applied For ACT. That's a load off my shoulders. 2 more to go, I think. Or maybe more, but I am simply happy to have those three done, and those are my personal top three. Well, ACT's more like a 10, but everyone loves their program, so who am I to judge? I'm just glad I'm at a point in my life where application fees (a stupid evil) are well within my budget. I happily can write checks now! There is something that SWA does well; I feel very secure.

Hopefully, tomorrow evening I'll go see The Golden Compass. I'm probably way too excited about this movie, considering it got medocre reviews and is a little blander than the book, but it's one of those hopes that I have that it will be a sleeper movie and make a huge comeback after I review it. I'm that important.

27 minutes left. Then 4 more days in the week. And I still have an audition to go to. Gr...

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