Monday, December 24, 2007


Had an amazing day yesterday.

What started infused with a slight assholery on my part at the knowledge of a friend of a friend being cast at 42nd Street Moon soon was washed away by the sights and sounds and fun of Dickens Faire with my loved ones. ("I'm sorry I was grumpy and being a stupid actor." "You aren't stupid, you're allowed to be disappointed." I'm so incredibly lucky to have these amazing people in my life.)

This time, since I was dressed vaguely like an actual fairegoer, I was in the spirit of the celebration a lot more than I was last time. I had a blast then too, but this was simply more joyful. Maybe it was the upcoming holiday coming up. (Yes, I'm even excited about going to St. Louis. That excitement will probably vanish the second I step into the cold...) Certainly more in the spirit than most of the actual faire workers there yesterday; it definetly had a "last day" feel to the whole celebration.

Of course I ate a bit too much, and now that I type this, I realize that my Chai Truffle is probably melting in Monica's pocket in her jacket in her closet at her house, so let's hope for a Christmas Miracle to occur so that can be saved. That was a damn good truffle. Lets hope it still exists in more than a puddle form.

After a short reprieve, we went to see Sweeney Todd. I think I enjoyed it a lot more than my companions. I enjoyed it. So much. It blew me away. I didn't think I would like it or trying to plan when I could see it again; here I am. There was plenty wrong with it, (of course, it was Tim Burton. The man who brought us "
reimaginings" also known as "fuck ups") but what was right was sooo right. I'm going to see it again soon.

Tonight! We are going to casa de Joan and Lauren (and Violet, now..) to have a delicious Christmas Eve Dinner. Yum. And opening presents at casa de Mom and Tim (Tin) beforehand. It should be an excellent evening/afternoon/whenever!

Tomorrow! I fly to St. Louis at 3. Boo to that. Well, to flying. It will be nice to see Dad and Laurie. It's been a bit, and I miss my pootch. Also I think my big present is an iPhone. It is now the time where I need to realize that it might not have happened. So no big. My contingency plan is to just get a calendar for 2008, so I can actually keep a good schedule and not be my loosey goosey self that I have been. I almost wish that I asked for a laptop now that I'm thinking of my travels coming up.

But then when do I want for a laptop? When I travel. When has that been? Not really recently, come to think of it. So shhh shshshshshs Ben. SHH I say.

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