Saturday, December 22, 2007

Once I am Sober, I'm sure I'll find the video

Freshly back from Drew's show at Yet Wah tonight, and man was it fun! He is an incredible performer... I guess sometimes this journal becomes the gush about Drew hour; what can I say, he's a good friend and an incredible talent. I also had a lot to drink, so that might have helped things along. Plus, it was only an hour and a half! Short and incredibly sweet! And he did "Eye 2 Eye" from A Goofy Movie, my favorite song! My favorite movie! Who does a cover of that? Honestly? It's amazing!

Going to Dicken's Faire tomorrow. It should be fun. I love that place. It doesn't hurt that I have a fetish for vests. I'm wearing mine tomorrow, and hope to find some ideas for more patterns. Oh. I think I just guessed what my Christmas present is from Monica. Just as I wrote "patterns." Oh well, there goes the surprise. It's a lovely gift though. And I will find time. As stated, this is the new way, and I'm improving my entire life, including my skills that I have let fall to the wayside.

Alright, slightly drunk post over. I just fell asleep while WRITING THIS.


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