Friday, December 7, 2007

New Computer

And can you believe it, my first complaint is that I can't read Neil Gaiman's blog anymore. That's really my only complaint, but believe me, it's a big one. That blog has been getting me through incredibly boring, stupid, unrelenting situations and people. It has also inspired me to write more, and maybe one day I will get to have sushi pillows and a big scruffy head of hair and an Addams Family house with 15 acres of land in Minnesota.

Well, maybe not Minnesota.

Other than no journal though, this computer is pimp. It still is 2 or so years behind "new" computers, and like a billion years behind Mac, but hell, it'll make my massive web page surfing days go much smoother, especially since the minimize function works like a dream...

See there? I just did it. Purrs like a kitten. And other similies.

And with all the commotion here this morning, I (yet again) can't believe that it's only just a little past 11. It makes no sense to me, like there's some sort of temporal flux in the front office area that no other people in the back experience. Constantly people come up and say things such as, "I can't believe it's already 11/2/4:30! WOW! I HAVE NO LIFE!!!1one"


Doing my bidaily walk through Best Buy, I encountered
The Office: The Complete First Series. On the plastic wrap it claimed: "As seen on BBC America and BBC Canada!" And I thought, "But not the BBC?" It was just a conspiracy, there really is no UK, all the television there is made on sound stages next to the lunar landing and people are pretending for our BBC America/Canada! There is no BBC!

It was funnier in my head, I guess.

Also, I want that DVD set.


Last night was opening for
CJLM, and it went Swimmingly. I couldn't believe (at first) how much reaction we recieved from the audience, but then I realized that Drew has made lots of connections in his life in the Bay Area, and these were all very supportive people. It wasn't a terrific show last night, but they were able to look beyond the faults and support the art that he created. That's fine with me. I just know I'll actually move the set when I need to tonight. Sorry about that, Erica (and Keith, Kasie, Drew...). And as the show progresses, it will evolve and become even better. Hell, by next week it will be perfect! (Haha, get it? I'm hilarious.)


Monica's coming here for lunch because she's off early today from work. It's a long, stupid story, but it's ending with her renewing her efforts to find a job (in her field, that she likes, that isn't full of goddamn narks). Anyway, good for me because she'll be here at 1. And lunch! But more good to see her. (although I like lunch too.)


And through three hyphens strung together I am now about an hour later and much work has been done around here. Kicking and screaming, I actually do something at the office other than blog and read wired.

Speaking of wired, I read that the smartcar was already sold out, and of course, was unhappy. But then I saw
this and this and was much happier. And I'm still going to put a deposit down. It's the only car I've ever really wanted. Gotta mean something, right?

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