Monday, December 17, 2007


Not a horrible lunch and a 20 minute walk. DDR after work, then a shower, then wrapping presents. Then... something else. Random tasks to do after work today, but at least I'm getting caught up. I feel much better after taking a walk - it really energizes you. Exercise really is the miracle drug. That, and cocane. (Kidding, I don't really do cocane.)


The renovation starts next week, so we have to move everything from the front office to Somewhere Else. I'm still not quite sure where that that is, but I have some suggestions where they will appear:
  1. Under people's desks.
  2. On people's desks.
  3. In the fridge.
  4. Outside in the rain.
  5. On fire.

A combination of those places will constitute Somewhere Else.


Still no word from 42nd Street Moon (Or CalShakes or Carmel for that matter). They're probably still reeling from my masterful performance. If not, it's their loss. I'm done with looking back and judging a past performance. I'll stay positive, and hopefully the universe will be positive with me.

(That being said, there will be a fair amount of cursing if things don't turn out the way I want them; I'm going to try and keep it to a minimum.)

Speaking of thinking ahead (we were?), I'm going to work on my monologues this week for Grad School auditions. I figure if I work on them once or twice a week like an hour at a time, I'll be tip top shape come February. I also am contacting my musical friends to see if they can help me work on my songs or have suggestions of their own. Armando probably has a ton of shit that he can recommend for me, while Drew is close by and can help me work on technique. Maybe if I offer some bucks, I can get a weekly class out of this... that's the only way to get better! Throw money at it! Woo(t)!

All in all though, I'm pretty confident as to my abilities at this point - my monologues are snazzy, my songs are almost spot on - a little more work and they'll be AMAZING. As opposed to just amazing. Which they are. amazing.


I made a dent in the packing here. Just a dent. It's amazing how much crap this place accumulates. I have no idea why we had 18 (yes, I counted them) catalogues from 2001. Almost everything's online now anyway, who needs these? And for the past year, no one has even touched them. I think times are changing, and these are going to be recycled. Booya. Just randomly picked up some old ink for stamps. Why was this by the mousetrap? No one will ever know.

At least I'm not bored.

Wait, I am.


Beautiful moody day today. When I get my iPhone I will take a picture of it and upload it directly to blogger. Or email it to myself and then put it on here. But until then, you'll just have to take my word for it that walking around the little lagoon in Sausalito under steel grey skies and slightly choppy water was simply enchanting.


Katie said...

"Sausalito" is the name of famous and delicious cookie, perhaps one of the most famous and delicious cookies outside of the girl scout canon. Am I to understand that December 17th found you admiring the steely grey skies over an enormous, famous and delicious cookie? I admit, I am somewhat incredulous but intrigued. If what you say is true, then perhaps California really is the greatest among our fifty states.

-an inquiring mind

Ben said...

I do believe you are correct. As soon as I finished gazing into the azure firmament, I promptly took a bite out of the ground.

The roads are made of red velvet; the earth, cookies. Come here, my friend. Come and bask in our fonts of sparkling apple cider!

-yours truly,