Tuesday, December 11, 2007

(This Title Was Eaten By Blogger.)

People have been giving me the start of a number of tasks this morning, and then never following up on my questions or what else I am supposed to do. I don't press the issue. And then Jean just came up to give me cookies. They're the same ones from the party on Friday, and they're still incredibly delicious (especially, following a suggestion from Monica, when microwaved). Jean just asked me what I was doing. I said I was writing a blog entry. She said that she despises that word and, "Why isn't just a journal or a diary or a log for God's sakes? Blog sounds like something a dog would spit up."

I love Jean, she's English.

I also just told her that I wrote what she just said. ("Oh, don't write that, well if you do, say I'm wonderful too.") She's wonderful.


Found a good present for [hidden] today. It's an amazing device that will bring [him/her] much joy! I mean it totally [hidden] [deleted] to a [mystery] AND you can [hidden hide hiddenmajigger], and it comes with all that attached. I'm such a good santa claus. Or elf. I'd much rather be an elf, then I can use a bow and arrow very well.

Such is the day of small posts. Here's another link.

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