Thursday, January 3, 2008

The 40th Post Spectacular

I'm going to Apple tonight at 4ish to try and get things done. My only hope is that a) there isn't a big line and b) it will turn out to be an easy fix. I did print out some forums of people with similar (read: identical) problems to mine, so I hope it's just a "oh, this? get this man a new phone! and a pretzel!"

Everything surrounding this whole phone process is really dumb, including Sprint being assholes. But when have they ever really been nice to me?

In preparation for this catastrophic meeting, I've kept my phone in sleep mode all day, trying ever so often to call it every few hours to see if it's still being stupid. In fact, let me try now. (Long pause, then a busy signal. I've never heard a busy signal so frequently as I have today.) I do hope it's easy... man, I'd hate to have to come back over and over again to then find out that it's something they need to look at overnight or send off or something equally as frustrating. It's a brand new phone. I shouldn't have this problem.

Also, I'm anxious about the fact that I will be going to the site of my brief job last year. I'm banking on the fact that they won't remember me, but you never know. I'm just not going to bring it up; after all, I am bringing them business.

Emailed Bruce, he's coming to the party on Saturday as well as to the Apple Store this evening. Fun times!

Then Golden Compass this evening. I plan on doing a run of my monologues, and if there's a wait, I'll do some of it at the store and in the car. I really need to work on these.

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