Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm kind of an asshole, I guess

There's been this guy calling all morning from China. I can't understand a fucking thing he says, and I KNOW there's gotta be someone who speaks his language here, but just my luck, no one's around or answering or anything. His calls have become more passionate and full of angst.

"Cana spek tu (garble garble). Plees, frum China."

I try to understand him, but it's very hard, and his accent is very thick. I don't think he knows anything other than those phrases. That being said, I'm not really trying very hard to find someone. If our folks here don't want to be found, they make themselves scares, or they "can't hear" the page. I'd do the same thing.

I've been working on applications this morning, and looking through the Sprint forums. And I just saw today's Woot. I'm going to Hawaii in 22 days. I may have to get this. Dear god it's a lovely camera for an aMAZING price.

I'm going for it.

Wish me luck.

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