Friday, January 25, 2008

You know, I've been thinking. Maybe I can cross post some of these to my old workhorse of my livejournal account. There's a community there, and it's little more than a copy paste. Also, I might be able to do it from iJournal at home. Also, if I wanted to make entries more private, I could. Also, I have no idea what I've written there. I've had it off and on for seven years.

Strange to think about where I've been when I've posted there. Goddamn, all over the place. I remember the first time I set it up, in high school, in that computer lab sitting next to Ashley. Seven years ago. I'm glad she's still my friend.


[Edited for content] was great yesterday. It was a lot more fun than I thought I would have. I even got to [edited for content] and then I [edited for content] while I was [edited for content] in a whole room by myself! It truly was an [edited for content] day. Hopefully today will be as [edited for content].


I kind of want to go to the Edwardian Ball tonight, a festival of the likes of I've never heard of before until about an hour ago! EDWARD GOREY THEMED BALL. I mean, come on. Edward. Gorey. BALL.

Crap. Work at work.

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