Monday, January 7, 2008

My Personal Computer is Smaller Than Yours


Michaele just came over and brought me a bottle of (nice) wine for my birthday. She slammed it on the table and said, "Hope it was happy." Then she left. The whole thing was entirely unconvincing.

But now I have a bottle of wine! Delicious.


I'm slowly figuring out the odds and ends of this delicious iPhone. There's a part in my mind, the part that is silly and doesn't want me to have anything fun for fear I may break it (but that's kinda like preventing being hit by a car by not ever going outside), that wants to return it and then all the troubles with Sprint will go away! I could cancel AT&T (within 30 days of activation) and still be cool with everything. Sigh. I know I will love this thing when I have this Sprint of Damacles off of my head. I think it's just my odd side that won't let me have anything fun. I'm sure I was like this last year when I bought my computer.

So that's that. Cereal is eaten. Applications are continued. iPhones are worried upon. All is right with the world.

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