Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Accounting Makes Me Work Harder

So, new station.

I sit near Accounting now, in front of a red wall. I feel very dotcom. Very power wall. Very much like I made a lot more than I really do. Maybe some of that will influence the powers that be and I'll accidentally make an extra $100,000 on my next paycheck. Maybe not.

It's a little strange. I would be able to articulate it better if my soul and mind haven't been sucked dry by the moving in office and the stupidity of coworkers today. Every time someone walks through this back door, they get a proud smirk on their faces as if to say, "Oh, Ben's sitting by Accounting now! Isn't that a hoot?" And then they ask how I like my new desk.

It's actually nice. Lots of natural light, a quick escape if I need a breath of fresh air, and I see people coming in. All in all, pretty cool. Accounting peeps are so engrossed in their own stuff that I really can do whatever they want, and whenever they do see me doing something, they mostly notice the fact that I'm typing, so it doesn't matter to them what I'm typing on. Especially if I keep a bored and slightly annoyed look on my face, perhaps with a sprinkle of whimsy at times. My normal expression to not attract attention.

Also, I found a bunch of auditions that I'm interested in (Ganked from

4M; 4F; 6M/F (ensemble). All ethnicities. Prep B'way song, bring sheet music in key; accomp prov'd. No tapes. AEA (2 Guest Artists) & non-AEA. Stipend. Auds 1/12 10AM-5PM. Callbacks 1/14. Rehs begin 2/19. Perfs 4/3-20. Appt: (650) 579-5565 x1, Tues-Fri 10-5PM. Info:

A Midsummer Night's Dream & The Comedy of Errors. Non-AEA. Paid. Perfs May-Sept. Resume/2 HS: Box 301, Stinson Beach, CA 94970. Info: (415) 383-1115.

The Full Monty
7M (20-60), 1M (30-60, African American), 1M (12); 1F (50-70, singer), 6F (20-40). Prep 32 bars of a song in your key, accomp prov'd. Non-AEA. No pay. No appt. Auds 2/16 noon, 2/17 7PM. Info:

Non-AEA. Some pay. Auds 2/8-10, 3/14-16. The Western Stage, 156 Homestead Ave., Salinas. 1/26 ACT, San Francisco. 1/30 Foothill College, Los Altos. 2/18 PCPA, Santa Maria. 2/27 Solano College, Fairfield. 3/6 Santa Clara University. 3/8 UC Santa Barbara. 3/9 UC Irvine. Appt: (831) 759-6037. Info:

3M (25-45); 4F (25-45). Prep 1 comedic monologue, 1.5 min max. Non-AEA. Stipend. Auds 2/2 10AM-2PM, 2/3 6-9PM. Rehs begin 3/3. Perfs 4/18-5/11. Dragon Theatre, Palo Alto. Appt: (650) 493-2006 *3.

Shopping M/F. Must move well. Prep comedy song, ballad & contemp humorous monologue. No a capalla, transposing or recorded accomp. Non-AEA. Pay. Auds 2/13 7PM. Perfs ongoing Fri & Sat at Shelton Theater, SF. Appt/info: (415) 392-8860.

Short Film
7M/F (1F be 20-30s); extras. Non-SAG. No pay. Reimbursed for travel expenses. Shooting 1/12-13 & 1/19-20 in SF. HS/reel: Info:

SF Shakespeare
Pericles (2008), Romeo and Juliet (2008-09), Macbeth (2009). All ethnicities & genders encour. Prep 2 contrasting Shakespearean monologues, prep to perform dramatic monologue but have 2nd ready. AEA & non-AEA (Romeo & Juliet non-AEA only). Auds 2/3 1-5PM (non-AEA), 2/4 1-5PM (AEA). Appt/info: (415) 865-4434 x5.

Spitfire Grill
1M (40-50s), 1M (40s, solid rock voice w/edge, top "G"), 1M (mid- to late 20s, strong folk tenor to "G"); 1F (about 70, mezzo/alto range), 1F (40-50s, mezzo/alto range), 1F (mid 30s, strong high belt to "D"), 1F (20s, strong country belt to "D", some head voice). Prep 2 songs in key. Bring sheet music, accomp prov'd. Poss stipend. Auds 2/19 7-9:30PM. Callbacks 2/26. Pacheco Playhouse, 484 Ignacio Blvd., Novato. Rehs begin Apr. Perfs 6/12-7/13. Info: Carl Jordan, (415) 717-7526.

2M (65+), 2M (30-40), 1M (17-25); 2F (65+), 2F (30-40), 1F (17-25). Stipend. Auds in Feb. Callbacks in Mar. Reh begin Mar. Perfs in May/June. Belrose Theatre, 1415 5th Ave., San Rafael. Appt/info: (510) 787-2706.

Great America: Hosts/actors, singers, dancers. Auds 2/2, 2/9 & 2/10. Apply: (408) 986-5941. Info:

Work on these later tonight, I will I will.


For some reason I haven't been getting down and dirty applying for more schools. I know I really need to get that UCLA one out and out by this weekend, but I haven't sat down and paid them and figured out how the letters of recommendation will work. They, like all of LA, live in their own little world and don't accept online uploads of recommendations like EVERY OTHER SCHOOL I'VE APPLIED TO. So I have to send requests all across the country. How quaint.


Just recieved a text message from AT&T saying that my online account was set up. I don't remember that happening or requesting, but online accounts are cool, maybe I'll check it out later tonight. I still don't really have this text message dealio down. Does the incoming text count away from my total every month? I don't do enough for it to really matter... it's just something to puzzle over. When I get over 200 texts a month, that's a time to worry and upgrade to infinite.

For now though, all good. I'm enjoying this phone every day, and even the naysayers (some anti apple people at work) are actually charmed by it.

Everyone says that it should be 3G though. Maybe someday. But for now, I don't really know the difference; I've never had a really powerful phone before. I'm excited now that I'm not as scared.

And now I'm thirsty.

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