Monday, January 14, 2008

I have been slacking when it comes to working on my monologues. I ran through them last week, sure, but I didn't do the hardcore experimentation that I was taught is how you MAKE A CHARACTER. Yeah, I think some of that's bullshit, but mostly, it's going way overboard that helps you find some cool character stuff to work on. This week I'm going to be better about it, starting with tonight, working on Boy Who Ate The Moon. And probably Don Juan. Sganarelle has really been slacking. Silly Sganarelle.

Macworld Expo is tomorrow. I'm kind of extremely excited about it. I wish I could get out and go to it, but work is work, and I shouldn't really miss a day and spend the money trying to see the really nifty shit that's going to go on there. I can check it online. That's pretty much what I'll be doing all day tomorrow. I'm excited. I said that before. But I am. Especially if they release a new kind of iPhone, I'm going to totally bring mine in and get the new upgrade. It will be awesomez.

Gr, forgot that I have to still talk to Leah about the standardized patient program. Not that I'm not going to do the program, I am an actor afer all, it's just that I'm still apprehensive. This place has been pretty nice to me about this kind of shit. Oh wait, that means they'll probably CONTINUE to be nice to me, and let me do my best, especially since it's just 4 half days. It'll be fun! I'm excited about that too. Lots to be excited over. I think this is going to be a good year. I'm even over being mad at Sprint. Who really cares if I have a sock to the wallet? It'll be out of my mind and I can play with my new toy (hopefully newer after tomorrow... hello 3G! Well, maybe).

Also, my new sweatervest ensemble makes me smile. I really like my new old navy purchases. I also hope to keep losing weight so I can fit more comfortably into these new pants. Soon... very soon. I feel so much better than before!

gotta run

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