Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Keynote and rest of day.

Here's another FedEx please.


Michaele says please like it's just that little something extra. More like a nonverbal, like someone makes a grunt or a clicking noise with their teeth after a statement. It has no meaning, no intention, just something she's created out of habit that has nothing to do with being polite.

The paf is the soft puff of my chair next to me as a letter or invoice or something falls upon it, with a little note saying to ship this particular package. I'm glad I get double directions. FedEx this please, FedEx this please. I'm really too stupid to understand it the first time; I am so glad I get a reminder.

I get to install Leopard tonight, and maybe install the 1.1.3 Firmware update for my iPhone. I say maybe to both actually, since I might not make it home to really hardcore fuck around on the computer. Oddly enough, my only worry is that it will mess with my already weird to figure out Transmission program. But I figured it out once, I can do it again. And who knows, it might just configure itself around my eyes in a mystical haze of wonderment. Then I forget that computers are stupid.

I watched the blogs as the Keynote unfolded today for Apple. Pretty cool stuff unveiled; I gotta say, I'm kind of relieved Jobs didn't announce a 3G iPhone, because I would probably have to get it. Yeah, I think I'd be one of those kind of people. Drooled, of course, over the MacBook Air, but then thought how specialized a product it is - I'm not going to get one, I'd rather get a new iMac. After all, I have my own personal computer in my pocket in the form of a phone. Loving the idea of the Time Capsule, but I have a feeling I'd enjoy just a normal backup device that I can mess with more manually and with more control.

A man just walked twice around the building trying to figure out how to enter. That was funny.


Send this FedEx please.

Time to go.

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