Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Messing Around With Piracy

I've been working on installing and configuring Transmission. It's been an odd process, combined with the fact that I've been at home very infrequently nowadays and I have little to no sense of how anything works on a computer. Mostly it's been a port issue, and then, miraculously, last night the little red light turned green and the fabled "Port is Open" text appeared. Then nothing happened for an hour and a half. I'm hoping to solve this issue later this evening after my DDR workout and some monologue crunching. (Last night went very well, by the way thankyouforasking, I got a lot done, and mostly memorized Sganarelle.)

I also have recieved a request to call the excellently named Jewel Smally of the UCSF Standardized Patient Program: I get to play fake sick people. I got that email yesterday and for some reason just didn't reply. Self fulfilling prophesy? Laziness? I thought I was better than that... well, I'm calling them today. In an hour, in fact. On my iPhone. (Come on, iPhone, make me believe I need you...)

That's pretty much it. My job hunt has gone on an unofficial hiatus as I prepare for these grad school auditions. I suppose I could still check it out during the day, but I need that time to sit around and complain and not do anything because I feel like I'm wasting my life in something I dont' want to do and then my mind wanders and I think that what the hell am I going into why do I want to be an actor this is a horrible thing. Then I realize there's nothing else I'd rather be, it brings me joy. That is why I'm going to stick to it.

Okay okay, I'm going to go look for a different day job.

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